Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where would horror movies be without bullying?

We’ve all been deluged lately from the news stations about this epidemic of bullying going on. Kids committing suicide, getting beat up, and taunted on the internet. It seems a sorry state indeed for school children and the school system itself. But I selfishly ask myself “Where would horror movies be without bullying”?

To the deformed Jason Voorhees, the tormented and strange Carrie, or the misunderstood Frankenstein’s Monster.  Bullying and the alienation that goes along with it, is the catalyst for how such movie monsters get their start. We wholeheartedly root for these outcast characters to get their revenge by whatever means necessary.  All who have been in these situations and still are, live vicariously through these movie creations.  I mean who doesn’t love to see the ‘popular’ group get their comeuppance in a brutal and horrific way? It’s just so satisfying.

The news media seems to think bullying is an epidemic and needs to be stamped out. I can only assume that’s why it’s getting so much coverage right now. News flash! Unfortunately bullying has, and will continue to go on for a long time. The media latches on to whatever popular outcry there is at the time. It will soon be forgotten, then only to reappear again.

I for one am against bullying of any kind. Whether it is in school, or as in recent years on the internet. I couldn’t picture my life without being bullied quite honestly though. It taught me patience, restraint, and toughness. I was also fortunate to have other friends who knew what it was like as well. I feel sorry for those who didn’t have someone to turn to and took things to a very bad place.

My prescription for all! Watch some horror movies and feel some solidarity with your fellow outcasts. Feel relief and relaxation in the knowledge that you are far better than those tormenting you. YOU, are not insecure like so many others in this world. YOU, are strong! Mr. Voorhees and Carrie would be proud. Now go show them some love!

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